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True, Good, and Beautiful | Canvas Tote Bag

True, Good, and Beautiful | Canvas Tote Bag

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Our canvas totes are made with customers and faith at the forefront! These bags are AMAZING! Whether you are a mom of littles needing a bag to carry special toys to church, someone carrying a few books to Adoration, or anyone needing a general use catch-all - we think these totes are perfect!

Size: 16” (H) x 13” (W) with an added base of 4” gusset for increased capacity.

Inner pocket: big enough for your keys, phone, or a few pens.

Heavy duty: 12 oz. blended canvas material to ensure durability and handle all your daily needs. 

These three things are knowns as the Transcendentals. Everything God created possesses truth, goodness, and beauty - whether that be a tree, a person, or a school of thought. Those things may not always look like that because of free will and rejection of God. Things that overflow with the ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty aid in leading people back to their Good Father. 

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