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Mary's Work, Sweeping | Print

Mary's Work, Sweeping | Print

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This little series of Our Lady keeping her home - Mary at Work - was inspired by many women and mothers in my own life. Mary sweeping, Mary hanging laundry, and Mary doing the dishes - simple, household chores performed by the most humble woman of all time. My hope and prayer is that these three images can help inspire mothers, wives, women, and families to lean on Mary for her support when taking care of the home. Sometimes these tasks can overwhelm. Ask Mary for her help!

There are several years of Jesus' young life that are a mystery to us. I frequently imagine what his secret life was like before his ministry began. He grew in wisdom and knowledge and so much of this from His Mother. I like to imagine her teaching Him how to fold His clothes and pick up His toys.

These images would be lovely hung in a laundry room, near a kitchen sink, or on the bathroom mirror for a daily reminder to pray throughout our day. Offer up your household work for someone in need today!

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